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I can’t even imagine this as a profession 5 years ago …

From New York Times

Aug 27

First, check out this video which shows all of the documented asteroids in our solar system (for full effect watch in 1080 fullscreen):

Then you will likely ask yourself: “What are the chances?”. Well, the book that I’m now reading – “Global Catastrophes and Trends” by Vaclav Smil – goes into this in some detail:

There are perhaps as many as a billion asteroids orbiting the sun in a broad and constantly replenished belt between Mars and Jupiter as well as a similar number of comments moving in more distant orbits withinthe Opik-Oort cloud beyond Pluto. Gravitational attraction of nearby planets constantly displaces a small portion of these bodies into elliptical orbits that move them toward the inner solar system and into the vicinity of Earth.

After an analysis based on the size and varying degrees of damage they may inflict, you’ll be pleased to know:

… probabilities of the Earth’s catastropic encounter with a comment are likely less than 0.001% during the next 50 years, a chance approaching the level of 1 out of 1 million.

Oh yeah, the book is:

Aug 25

Lo que separa la civilización de la anarquía son solo siete comidas.
– Spanish Proverb

Quoted in “The Coming Famine” by Julian Cribb

With eloquent symbolism, this Petronian banquet made clear that the well-off part of humanity has largely forgotten what it is to go hungry and is awakening to an unpleasant shock: starvation and the wars, refugee crises, and collapse of nation-states that often accompany hunger have not been permanently banished after all. Indeed, they are once more at our doorstep. Food insecurity and its deadly consequences are again a pressing concern for every nation and each individual.

FYI, the proverb translated is: Civilization and anarchy are only seven meals apart

Jul 04

History of nuclear explosions from 1945 through 1998:

Jun 30

Interesting talk by Niall Ferguson on the options available to countries facing fiscal crises:

May 18

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

May 17

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