Jun 30

OK, four hours later, I’ve downloaded/installed the Android SDK, the Java SE Development Kit and the Eclipse IDE.

Through the Android SDK Manager, I also installed the various platforms, samples and Android Virtual Devices (AVDs). This was perhaps the trickiest step because when I was installing an AVD – it just seemed to hang and when I restarted the Android SDK Manager, I got a “failed to parse properties error” – after some lucky Googling, it turns out that I simply had to wait for 5 minutes. (Since I have an i7 with 6GB, I wonder what it could have been doing in that time!)

With the last step being the configuration of Eclipse for use with Android SDK and general viewing/coding preferences, the basics are now complete. We can start with the next step of the process, which is to familiarize myself with the basic architecture of Android apps.

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