Nov 24

Jeff Rubin was the Chief Economist for CIBC World Markets during Canada’s growth as a major energy supplier – now the number one supplier to the U.S. marketplace. But he also sees the “Peak Oil” issue on the horizon and has written this book to posit his view that because of the oncoming changes in energy pricing, our world will become smaller due to the “end of globalization”.

Update: Finished the book – my review:

Excellent start to the book – Part One covers a lot of ground explaining the changing supply and demand shifts related to peak oil, but then the book falls off a cliff in conjecture. Rubin expects the changes to be immediate and without options, and then begins to draw conclusions that seem dubious. Of course, it’s easy looking back, it’s far more difficult to look forward – but the same critical thinking in the analysis of the supply/demand changes related to expensive energy doesn’t seem to make it in to the look into the future. And you can tell, Part Two of the book is repetitive and full of personal stories – almost if the economist version of Rubin was replaced by the science fiction writer Rubin.

But for the price there’s enough new information and insight to be valuable.

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