May 27

Ok, I’ve ditched Joomla! and moved to WordPress instead – seems much easier to use and manage. I’ve choosen a template – iBlog2 2.4 by Andrew Powers.

I’m trying to figure out the plan for now but initially I’m settled on writing on the following topics: Family, Digital Home technology and Media Centers, Macro-economics, Software Development projects and Sports. For Digital Home/Media Center issues, I’m taking a cue from Ian Dixon’s For discussion on macro-economics, if I can achieve even a portion of what CalculatedRisk has done (but with a focus on Canada and BC), I’ll be happy. I’ve got a few software projects in mind, which I’ll try to document/release here. My goal is to make the content varied, adding media items (videos, pictures). 

The goal for May is to figure out and then write the first topic, refine the template’s look/feel (e.g., clean-up the sidebars, clean-up colors, images) and get Google’s Adsense up and running.

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